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Our powerful, ready to use cleaning products are made with convenience in mind. 

APT’s Graffiti Removal Gel – Wipeout is a highly advanced professional gel formula graffiti remover. Wipeout Gel is our best graffiti removal products for cleaning graffiti from stone and masonry surfaces. Used in projects for CADW, English Heritage, Historic England, Scotland & many more.

Sizes: 12 x 500ml | 12 x 1 litre | 2 x 5 litres | 4 x 5 litres

£188.13 for 12 x 500ml

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12 x 1 litre (12 litres), 12 x 500ml, 2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres)

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12 x 1 litre (12 litres), 12 x 500ml, 2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres)


Graffiti elimination poses an increasingly prevalent challenge for local authorities, as well as private and public enterprises. The swift and effortless removal of graffiti has become increasingly vital to preserve the visual appeal of structures and deter further defacement.

Our solution effectively dissolves various types of graffiti, including spray paints, felt-tip pens, ballpoint pens, pencils, and crayons. It’s the ideal choice for cleaning graffiti from a wide range of surfaces, such as metal, glass, stone, wood, porcelain, brick, ceramic tiles, and any solvent-resistant materials.

APT has developed an advanced graffiti remover in a convenient gel format. Why opt for gel? Unlike other graffiti cleaning products, gel offers ease of application and provides an extended contact time on vertical surfaces. This allows for rapid penetration and breakdown of unwanted graffiti, minimizing the need for multiple applications and ultimately saving you both time and money.

Our newly introduced ready-to-use formula for graffiti removal is formulated with pure natural ingredients, resulting in a minimal odour, making it safe for use in enclosed spaces. All our graffiti solutions are eco-friendly.

Unlike alternative graffiti removal chemicals, our Wipeout Gel is compatible with all solvent-resistant surfaces, including metal, glass, stone, wood, concrete, porcelain, brick masonry, and ceramic tiles.

Wipeout Gel is versatile and can effectively remove graffiti from spray paints, paints, crayons, and marker pens. It is suitable for use on both interior and exterior surfaces of buildings, as well as road and rail vehicles. It has been employed nationwide for cleaning street signs, bus stations, bus shelters, and rail and roadway structures.

For expert assistance with graffiti removal, don’t hesitate to reach out to our sister company, APT-ICC. They specialize in providing top-notch graffiti removal services. When searching for keywords like ‘graffiti removal,’ ‘graffiti remover,’ and ‘graffiti cleaning,’ consider APT-ICC as your trusted partner in tackling graffiti-related challenges.



  • Economical Gel formula for greater contact and less waste
  • Fast acting just one application is normal
  • Safe – Natural formulation – kind to the environment and users
  • Easy to use graffiti removers – no special training or equipment required
  • Versatile and ready to use on a wide range of surfaces
  • Eco-friendly

How to use?

1. Apply the graffiti removal chemicals to the surface

2. Leave to work (gently agitate if several coats)

3. Wash off with clean water!!


How to remove spray paint graffiti?

Eliminating spray paint graffiti can pose a significant challenge, particularly when dealing with persistent stains, graffiti shadows, or ghosting effects. APT offers Ghost Buster, an expedient graffiti remover specifically engineered to target deep-seated and stubborn shadowing and stains.

Wipe Out Gel provides an effortless solution, featuring a brush, scrub, and rinse formula, characterised by its viscous composition that extends contact time, making it highly effective on vertical surfaces.

Both Wipe Out Gel and Ghost Buster are versatile and suitable for a wide range of surfaces, encompassing porous and non-porous hard materials like tiles, brick, mortar, masonry, cement, concrete, stucco, terrazzo, pavers, fieldstone, as well as natural stone surfaces like granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, rocks, and grout.

How much does graffiti removal cost?

There’s no denying that professional graffiti removal in the UK can incur significant expenses, often amounting to thousands of pounds when engaging a professional cleaning company to eliminate graffiti from surfaces. This process may even result in damage to the surface. To save both time and effort, consider investing in Wipe Out Gel and Ghost Buster from APT.

These highly effective graffiti removers are meticulously formulated to soften and dissolve paints and unwanted graffiti marks on all types of porous and non-porous hard surfaces, including tiles, brick, mortar, masonry, cement, concrete, stucco, terrazzo, pavers, fieldstone, as well as natural stone surfaces like granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, rocks, and grout. They are also proficient in removing graffiti from certain glossy paint finishes.

Discover how the APT Graffiti Removal team can provide assistance to your organization.

How to remove graffiti from a car?

When it comes to eradicating graffiti from a car or fleet vehicles, the process can be intricate and potentially detrimental. Therefore, it’s imperative to acquire graffiti removal products that are safe and composed of non-toxic ingredients that won’t harm the car’s exterior surface.

APT’s Wipe Off is an innovative one-shot solution, equipped with a specialized nozzle for precise application, making it suitable for removing graffiti from cars. This one-shot solution is user-friendly and does not necessitate additional applications or the use of other products to eliminate stubborn stains, graffiti shadows, or ghosting effects.

How to eliminate graffiti from a concrete wall?

APT’s Wipe Off can effectively cleanse graffiti created with spray paints, paints, felt pens, modern markers, and wax crayons. Wipe-Off graffiti remover is suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, including metal, glass, stone, bare wood, concrete, porcelain, brick, ceramic tiles, and is even safe for application on most commercial plastics and Perspex.

It is trusted and employed by various entities, such as councils, highway departments, educational authorities, housing associations, transport companies, and more. To use, simply spray the graffiti remover aerosol onto the affected surface. The graffiti cleaner will coat and adhere to the graffiti, breaking down and dissolving the unwanted particles.

Allow it to work for up to 15 minutes, monitoring its progress, and then remove it using a pressure washer or water hose. For aged graffiti or multiple layers, agitate the graffiti solutions and leave them for up to 60 minutes before rinsing.

Where can I purchase graffiti remover?

APT offers one of the UK’s most renowned graffiti removal products, specifically designed for one-shot application, eliminating the need for additional applications or supplementary products to address persistent stains, including graffiti shadows or ghosting effects.

Wipe-Off graffiti remover spray is a robust formula suitable for all types of graffiti removal, particularly from porous surfaces such as masonry and brick monuments and memorials. It acts swiftly and boasts a thickened formula to prolong contact time, effectively breaking down stubborn aerosol paints, inks, pens, markers, and crayons. It features a non-toxic formula suitable for both commercial and professional use.

With a maximum working time of under 60 minutes, it stands as one of the premier products available on the market for all your graffiti removal requirements, and you can acquire it through APT.

22 reviews for Graffiti Removal Gel – Wipeout Gel

  1. riasmith123

    Wipeout Gel is the hero my residential property needed. Used it on the exterior walls, and it not only removed graffiti but also allowed for a quick and easy wash-off. The thick clinging formula is a game-changer for accurate application.

  2. riasmith123

    Preserving the aesthetics of campus courtyards is a priority, and Wipeout Gel has become our go-to solution. It’s suitable for various surfaces, and the easy wash-off feature ensures that graffiti removal is quick and effective.

  3. riasmith123

    Maintaining a clean and welcoming environment is key. Wipeout Gel’s swift graffiti removal action has been a lifesaver. Used it on glass storefronts, and it left them spotless without any residues.

  4. riasmith123

    Keeping warehouse walls graffiti-free is essential for a professional appearance. Wipeout Gel delivers on this front, eliminating graffiti and making cleanup a simple wash-off process. The thick clinging formula ensures that every inch of the wall is treated accurately.

  5. riasmith123

    Wipeout Gel is now the guardian of our local playground. Used it on plastic play structures, and it not only removed the graffiti but also allowed for a quick and easy wash-off. The thick clinging formula is kid-friendly and ensures precise removal on various surfaces.

  6. riasmith123

    Graffiti cleanup at the community center was a success with Wipeout Gel. Used it on stone surfaces, and the clinging formula made the removal process efficient. Cath & Ria’s support ensured that we maximized its potential.

  7. riasmith123

    In my garden, I discovered unwanted graffiti on a cherished sculpture. Wipeout Gel came to the rescue, preserving the art without causing damage. The versatility on various surfaces, along with the eco-friendly composition, makes it a must-have for any garden enthusiast.

  8. riasmith123

    Wipeout Gel is a residential graffiti savior! Used it on our brick exterior, and it removed the graffiti without a trace. The non-toxic, easy-to-wash-off features are perfect for home use.

  9. riasmith123

    Our artist alley was marred by graffiti, but Wipeout Gel revitalized the space. The thick clinging formula ensured precise removal without damage. Cath & Ria’s support was crucial in getting the best results.

  10. riasmith123

    Maintaining a clean and inviting café patio is crucial for business. Wipeout Gel removed graffiti effortlessly from our stone patio. The clinging formula made it easy to apply, and the natural ingredients align with the café’s eco-friendly values.

  11. riasmith123

    Preserving historic settings demands a reliable graffiti removal solution. Wipeout Gel, used in projects for CADW and Historic England, is the answer. Its versatility on stone and masonry surfaces is unparalleled. Ria’s guidance made the process seamless.

  12. riasmith123

    Our playground was vandalized, and Wipeout Gel became the playground hero. The thick clinging formula made it easy to remove graffiti from various surfaces. Cath’s support ensured that we used it effectively.

  13. riasmith123

    Graffiti in a schoolyard is a headache, but Wipeout Gel is a cleanup dynamo. Its versatility on most surfaces makes it ideal for a variety of settings. Used it on brick walls, and it worked like a charm.

  14. riasmith123

    Running an art studio comes with its challenges, including graffiti. Wipeout Gel is a marvel! Used it on various surfaces, and its clinging formula ensures precise removal. Cath & Ria’s support was invaluable.

  15. riasmith123

    As a gardener, maintaining the aesthetics of my garden is crucial. Wipeout Gel came to the rescue for graffiti removal on my garden walls. The thick clinging formula made it easy, and the fact that it’s made from natural ingredients aligns with my eco-friendly approach.

  16. riasmith123

    Wipeout Gel is the stone savior we needed. It effortlessly removed graffiti from our historical stone walls. The versatility on most hard surfaces is a plus. Cath’s assistance was instrumental in getting the best results. An eco-friendly solution for preserving our heritage.

  17. riasmith123

    I’m impressed by the Street Art Eraser – APT’s Wipeout Gel. Used it on various surfaces, and the clinging formula ensures efficient removal. Cath & Ria provided stellar support, guiding me through the process. The eco-friendly composition aligns perfectly with my values. A must-have for graffiti removal!

  18. riasmith123

    Wipeout is the ultimate graffiti fighter! I used it on my stone fence, and the thick clinging formula made it easy to tackle even vertical surfaces. The natural eco-friendly ingredients reassure me, and the fact that it’s easy to wash off is a game-changer. APT nailed it with this graffiti removal gel!

  19. aptcommercialchemicals

    Brilliant stuff that has worked on several surfaces

  20. aptcommercialchemicals

    Fast delivery arranged by the APT team, worked really well as a last resort since the other product we bought from elsewhere didn’t work

  21. aptcommercialchemicals

    Lots of products of this nature have great sales but do not stack up. This is not one of those. This product is brilliant and has provided us with great results time and time again

  22. aptcommercialchemicals

    Highly recommended product

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