White Grease Lubricant

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APT’s White Grease Lubricant protects and waterproofs components in the engineering and transport sectors. This product is used for lubricating metals parts which may be subjected to varying temperatures and/or water.

  • Penetrates inaccessible areas and thickens to high quality lubricant
  • Eliminates squeaks, reduces wear, anti-seize and prevents metal to metal contact
  • Made in the UK


Sizes: 12 x 400ml

£69.18 for 12 x 400ml

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12 x 400ml

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12 x 400ml


White Grease Lubricant: The Ultimate Solution for Component Protection and Waterproofing

Versatile Applications

APT’s White Grease Lubricant is a multi-purpose lubricant designed to protect and waterproof components in various industries. It can be used in boatyards, garages, and general manufacturing industries to safeguard and enhance the performance of components such as tailgates, tail lifts, hinges, rollers, conveyors, couplings, linkages, and threads.

Superior Protection and Waterproofing

Our White Grease Lubricant offers exceptional protection and waterproofing properties, making it ideal for use in the engineering and transport sectors. It effectively lubricates metal parts that may be exposed to varying temperatures and/or water, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity.

Penetrates and Thickens for Optimal Lubrication

The White Grease Lubricant penetrates even the most inaccessible areas, providing comprehensive lubrication and protection. It thickens to form a high-quality lubricant that eliminates squeaks, reduces wear and tear, acts as an anti-seize agent, and prevents metal-to-metal contact. Enjoy smooth operation and extended lifespan for your components.

Made in the UK

Our White Grease Lubricant is proudly made in the UK, adhering to strict quality standards. By choosing a product manufactured in the UK, you can trust in its reliability, performance, and effectiveness.

Choose APT’s White Grease Lubricant for superior component protection and waterproofing. Experience the benefits of a high-quality lubricant that eliminates squeaks, reduces wear, prevents metal-to-metal contact, and ensures the longevity of your components. Contact us today via email sales@apt-icc.co.uk or on the phone 0800 0723773.


How to use?

Use white clear grease to safely lubricate moving parts and protect metal components from corrosion.


What lubricant to use when drilling metal?

When drilling metal, we always recommend using a high-quality lubricant to penetrate inaccessible areas quickly and efficiently, protecting, and waterproofing components. White Grease Lubricant is commonly used in the engineering and transport industry. This product eliminates squeaks, reduces wear, anti-seizes and prevents metal to metal contact.

White Grease Lubricant is suitable for tailgates, tail lifts, hinges, rollers, conveyors, couplings, linkages, and thread. It is the most effective solution on the market to lubricate metals, ensuring that they do not seize up and leaves a protective coating film to protect metal components from rust and corrosion and can be used in any industry.

How to lubricate metal zippers?

The most effective way of lubricating metal zippers is to use White Grease Lubricant. As a clear lubricant, it is efficient in safely lubricating moving parts and protect metal components from corrosion and rusting. This is a general-purpose lubricating spray to protect and waterproof components in all industries. This can be used to unstick zipper teeth since it has lubricating properties.

What is the best lubricant for metal?

APT have several lubricants for use on metal components and we have split them up below to provide some further context on which may be easier for the job at hand:

Food Grade Mineral Oil – Food Lube
Non-toxic, food safe lubricant oil for applications in maintenance on food plant equipment where lubrication of moving parts is essential. It is also ideal for cams, rollers, chains, sprocket, guide rails, slide ways, bearings and all moving parts connected with the food, brewing and soft drink industries.

Food Grade Lubricating Spray – Food Lube
Odourless, colourless, tasteless, non-staining formula of lubricating oil. Easy to use in regular lubricating maintenance routines to spray and lubricate machinery and moving parts wherever food is being manufactured and processed.

Silicone-free food grade lubricant and release agent based on a blend of vegetable oils. Used regularly in plastic injection moulding, fibre glad moulding and the footwear industry, instant spray gloss applications, PVC, upholstery, rubber, plastic trim, wood, and metal surfaces.

Penetrating Oil – Release No 1
The best penetrating oil and dewatering fluid agent, rust inhibitor and lubricant that instantly displaces all water from damp or wet components. Increases the efficiency of working parts and is the ideal toolbox friend for every engineer and service maintenance team.

Why is lubrication important in metal forming?

The most suitable lubricant for metal on metal is Release No 1 since it is a highly effective clear penetrating fluid with excellent water displacing properties to provide deep penetration and protection in the most difficult areas whilst lubricating and protecting from further seizure or rusting by displacing water and moisture from all areas.

Release No 1 has been specifically formulated to give the desired release with the toughest seizures of metal parts found in all heavy industries such as; quarries, workshops, shipping and heavy lant. The inclusive additives in the formulation effectively searches and penetrates, lubricating and prevents the shearing of threads and giving a quick release of rusted parts.

Can I use silicone lubricant for cutting metal?

The short answer is yes. The best lubricant for metal is dependent on the requirements. APT manufacture and supply a range of lubricant sprays and liquids that are suitable for all. Lets break down the lubricants that we provide:

Release No 1 (available in spray and liquid):
Graphite lubricant and penetrating oil that rapidly soaks into the smallest crevices, providing excellent lubrication. It is unsurpassed on seized metals, allowing them to be separated using less force whilst lubricating the surfaces to reduce the change of shearing components.

Release No 1 leaves a lasting protective graphite film for added protection against rust, water ingress, damp and corrosion. Release No 1 is ideal for use on during the removal of engine blocks, heads, studs, bolts, all machine shop dismantling and plant hire servicing.

PTFE (available in spray and liquid):
PTFE is an effective synthetic penetrating oil for more difficult rusted parts and seizures. PTFE is ideal where added protection is required after release and higher temperatures are involved in manufacturing or processing operations.

This is one of the most effective food-safe lubricants that leaves a reassuring protective film for added defence against rust, water, damp and corrosion elements in harsh operating environments.

Does petroleum jelly lubricate metal?

In short, we would not recommend using petroleum jelly lubricant to penetrate metal as it is not strong enough. Industrial lubricants manufactured and supplied by APT are made up of a unique blend of mineral oils, dewatering agents, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and rust preventing compounds that have been combined with solvents and high di-electrical strength.

The innovative blend of light lubricating oil in a low viscosity carrier solvent enables rapid penetration of inaccessible areas like stuck threads, lubricating them and reducing the time and effort required to get things moving.

Industrial lubricants are the ideal solution for dismantling rusted or worn parts and lubricates metals whilst leaving Leaves an ultra-thin anti-corrosion protective film so after drying, treated items are not slippery or difficult to handle.

25 reviews for White Grease Lubricant

  1. riasmith123

    Preserving the integrity of antique furniture requires special care. This grease lubricant has become my go-to for ensuring that drawers slide smoothly without causing any damage.

  2. riasmith123

    For gardening enthusiasts like me, keeping tools in top condition is essential. This grease lubricant not only prevents rust on my pruners but also ensures the smooth functioning of other garden tools.

  3. riasmith123

    Maintaining HVAC systems can be a challenge, but not with this grease lubricant. It ensures smooth operation, and the reduction in friction noise is remarkable.

  4. riasmith123

    No one likes a squeaky office chair. This grease lubricant worked like a charm, and now my workspace is much more peaceful.

  5. riasmith123

    Dealing with marine equipment requires a lubricant that can withstand harsh conditions. The White Grease Lubricant has become our preferred choice, offering exceptional protection against corrosion.

  6. riasmith123

    Working in an industrial setting, finding a reliable grease lubricant is crucial. This product has proven its worth in the toughest conditions, ensuring our machinery runs smoothly.

  7. riasmith123

    As an avid cyclist, I’ve tried various lubricants for my bike chain. This one stands out for its longevity and smooth performance.

  8. riasmith123

    From household hinges to gardening tools, this grease lubricant handles it all. It has become my go-to solution for anything that needs a little extra TLC. Thanks, Cath, for introducing me to this versatile gem.

  9. riasmith123

    I appreciate products that do the job well without being a hassle to use. This grease lubricant fits the bill perfectly. It’s easy to apply, and the results last

  10. riasmith123

    My computer fans were making an unbearable racket until I discovered this grease lubricant. A small application, and the noise was gone!

  11. riasmith123

    Ria, thank you for your assistance in choosing the right product. This grease lubricant not only provides smooth movement but also offers excellent rust protection. Perfect for extending the life of metal components.

  12. riasmith123

    Cath was spot on when she recommended the White Grease Lubricant for my car’s hinges and moving parts. The lubrication is top-notch, and it withstands extreme temperatures. It has made a significant difference in the overall performance of my vehicle.

  13. riasmith123

    I use this grease lubricant on my garage door tracks, and the results are impressive. The smooth operation is noticeable, and I no longer hear those annoying creaks. Thanks to Cath for suggesting a solution that really works.

  14. riasmith123

    As someone who loves tackling DIY projects, the White Grease Lubricant has become a staple in my toolbox. It’s easy to apply, long-lasting, and provides superior lubrication. Kudos to Ria for guiding me through its various applications!

  15. riasmith123

    I recently purchased the White Grease Lubricant, and it exceeded my expectations. The versatility of this product is incredible; it worked wonders on my squeaky door hinges and even on my bike chain. Thanks, Cath, for recommending such an excellent product!

  16. Guest

    Essential for my bikes as the chain looks much better and also help me preserve the durability and quality of the chain.

  17. Guest

    This white grease lubricant from APT works like a dream. Great for lubricating my garage doors.

  18. Guest

    Easy to apply and suitable for the job in hand. No problem in using white grease from APT.

  19. Guest

    This grease lubricant has solved my squeak issues. Applied this product and after a few times, the squeaks are no more.

  20. Guest

    Works perfect for hinges as well as locks, bolts and doors.

  21. Guest

    Every shed should have APT white grease lubricant. Great and useful product.

  22. Guest

    After much clogging of my vacuum cleaner, this lubricant from APT ended that

  23. Guest

    All I can say is that this lubricant from APT does the job in hand

  24. Guest

    This white grease lubricant product is good as I have used it on multiple of things

  25. aptcommercialchemicals

    Brilliant stuff, can always rely on a proper product from APT

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