Ultrasonic Cleaner Fluid & Antibacterial Cleaner – UltraMax MED – Bulk

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Our easy-pour granules use less chemicals per dose and requires less shipping than regular brands. 

APT’s UltraMax MED: highly concentrated antibacterial ultrasonic cleaner fluid. Suitable for most commercial and industrial component cleaning and degreasing tasks.

  • Odourless, non-tainting, and food safe ultrasonic cleaner fluid.
  • Widely used in the medical practice, laboratory, food processing, servicing, and re-manufacturing sectors.
  • Ideal for medical testing and laboratory use, ensuring the thorough cleaning of glassware and surgical equipment.
  • Effectively removes oils, greases, fats, blood, and other unwanted organic residues, as well as light inks and dyes.
  • Made in the UK with high-quality standards.
  • Dilution ratio: 5L bottle + water = 500L of UltraMax MED.

£0.05 per litre when diluted

Sizes: 205 litres


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UltraMax MED: The Ultimate Solution for Hygienic Ultrasonic Cleaning

Versatile Application for Hygienic Cleaning

  • Specifically formulated for all light-duty cleaning and degreasing tasks in environments with stringent hygiene standards.
  • Ideal for use in laboratories, dental practices, and medical workplaces to ensure superior cleaning results while maintaining hygienic conditions.

Extensive Cleaning Capabilities

  • Odourless and non-tainting food-safe formula designed to remove light soiling found in medical establishments, food processing areas, and laboratories.
  • Provides hygienically clean glassware, medical instruments, and hard surfaces.

Effective Removal of Various Residues

  • Perfect for ultrasonic parts cleaners and as a hard surface cleaner.
  • Removes light oils, greasy residues, blood, organic residues, food and fatty residues, as well as inks and dyes.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly concentrated antibacterial formula ensures economical usage and less frequent reordering.
  • Low foam formula maintains the efficiency of parts cleaners.
  • Fast-acting and thorough cleaning reduces cleaning time.
  • Versatile application as a general hard surface antibacterial cleaner.
  • Trusted and reliable cleaning solution used in medical practices, laboratories, food processing, servicing, and re-manufacturing sectors.

Cost-Effective and Convenient

  • Dilution ratio: 5L bottle + water = 500L of UltraMax MED.
  • Made in the UK with high-quality standards.
  • A cost-effective choice for hygienic and efficient ultrasonic cleaning.

Choose UltraMax MED for your hygienic ultrasonic cleaning needs. Trust APT’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid to deliver superior results and maintain a clean and hygienic workplace.



  • Highly concentrated antibacterial cleaner so it is economical in use and needs reordering less frequently than inferior quality products
  • Low foam formula to ensure that the efficiency of your parts cleaner is not compromised
  • Fast acting thorough cleaning reducing the time required for cleaning operations
  • Versatile so it can also be used as a general hard surface antibacterial cleaner, reducing overheads and storage space requirements

How to use?
Dilute in the ultrasonic bath 1-2% (1 or 2 parts UltraMax MED to 100 parts water) and leave to work using 2 to 8 minute cycles.

If heated, temperatures up to 40°C are optimal.

Dilution Rates

  • Dilute 100 parts water lighter cleaning tasks
  • Dilute 50 parts water for medium cleaning tasks
  • Dilute 25 parts water for heavy duty cleaning tasks

3 reviews for Ultrasonic Cleaner Fluid & Antibacterial Cleaner – UltraMax MED – Bulk

  1. Anonymous

    This cleaner made sure everything looked spotless. highly recommend!

  2. Anonymous

    Highly recommend. This is a perfect product for a variety of our surfaces and equipment, we can now ensure our business is extremely clean.

  3. Anonymous

    Perfect for a thorough clean and ensures theres an added layer of protection in our professional practice.

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