70% Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser – Steri Gel – Bulk

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Our easy-pour granules use less chemicals per dose and requires less shipping than regular brands. 

APT’s 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel is recommended by the World Health Organization. Proven to kill 99.999% of all bacteria, germs and viruses. Superior grade formula, made from isopropyl, not ethanol.

  • Conforms to British StandardsEN1276 & EN1500
  • Fast drying with conditioners to protect sensitive skin
  • Quickly evaporates from hands, leaves no residue, pleasant odour
  • Food safe
  • Frontline supplier to the NHS

Sizes: 205 litres & IBC (1000 litres)


Additional information


12 x 1 litre (12 litres), 12 x 500ml, 2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres), 40 x 250ml, 48 x 100ml

Additional information


12 x 1 litre (12 litres), 12 x 500ml, 2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres), 40 x 250ml, 48 x 100ml


APT’s are one of the largest suppliers of hand sanitisers in 1 litre, having helped 1000s of business nationwide to buy a trusted product manufactured in the UK.

Steri Gel is a 70% alcohol base formula that contains specialised bactericidal properties to kill 99.999% of all germs. This 205L & 1000L hand sanitiser combats the risk of cross contamination while leaving a residual biocide for maximum cleanliness.

Our product is unique as it contains a scientific blend of bactericides and skin conditioners, these emolients are essential for protecting the skin and stopping from being damaged and drying out.

Advantages of bulk Hand Sanitiser

  • Dispensed in controlled amounts
  • Kills all gram+ and gram- bacteria
  • Safe for use in food processing areas
  • The formula is a superior grade and made of Isopropyl and not ethanol
  • Fast drying
  • Protects sensitive skin with skin conditioners
  • UK Manufactured
  • Provides an even spread
  • Perfect for use on hard surfaces including desks, phones, trolleys, handles, petrol pumps etc



Due to its properties and performance, the bulk hand sanitiser is used throughout educational, public bodies, care homes, transport and the leisure industry.



  • Fast drying
  • Contains added skin conditioners

How to use?

Dilution Rates


Can you use hand sanitiser to clean surfaces?
All our hand sanitisers are specifically made to be versatile in their usage. APT’s unique formula contains the highest bactericidal sanitising properties to kill 99.9% of all germs, bacteria, and viruses. A solution of over 70% alcohol as recommend by WHO (World Health Organisations) and Government Health Organisation for hand sanitisation.

Steri Gel hand sanitiser is safe to use on hands and its highly active residual bactericide is usable on surfaces. Many of our customers in industries such as hospitals, nursing homes, kitchens, food processing facilities, transport and retail use this product on surfaces to minimise cross contamination and keeping staff, clients, and visitors safe.

How much alcohol content in hand sanitiser?
The recommended amount of alcohol content required for a hand sanitiser to be safe is 70%. The 70% alcohol base for all sanitisation and disinfection products is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Government Health Organisation. Steri Gel is a surgical grade, rinse-free hand sanitiser that is manufactured in the United Kingdom and kills all gram+ and gram- bacteria, germs, and enveloped viruses. This product is superior grade and made from isopropyl and not ethanol which is safer for the individual using it. Containing highly residual bactericides keeps you protected for longer and it contains skin conditioners to protect sensitive skin.

Is rubbing alcohol the same as hand sanitiser?
No. Rubbing alcohol is not safe to use on the hands as a hand sanitiser. Rubbing alcohol is a product that has not been developed specifically to be used as a hand sanitiser on hands to keep them safe from cross contamination, bacteria, germs, and enveloped viruses. Steri Gel is safe to use in all environments, and is an essential product for use in hospitals, nursing homes, kitchens, food processing, transport, offices, retail, and hospitality sectors. Steri Gel is a water-free, non-rinse formula that contains mild skin conditioners to allow frequent use without drying or damaging skin, whilst combating the risk of cross contamination.

How long does hand sanitiser last for?
Steri Gel hand sanitiser is long lasting and is the first line of defence for individuals, staff, visitors and clients of your organisation. In our specially designed bottles, the amount of sanitiser dispensed is controlling, reducing the in-use cost. Steri Gel spreads quickly across and into all areas of the hand evenly. Providing it in refillable containers means that individuals can use this regularly, without it being too far away and reduces our environmental impact. The safe to use 70% alcohol formula contains highly active residual bactericide for continued protection, it’s fast drying for immediate sanitisation and contains skin conditioners to protect sensitive skin.

How does hand sanitiser work?
Our Steri Gel hand sanitiser comes in easily transferable, specially designed containers that control the amount of sanitiser dispensed onto the hands. It quickly spreads across the hands and into all areas of the hands evenly. This superior grade formula is made from isopropyl and not ethanol so it’s safer for use in all environments. Steri Gel contains 70% alcohol base content and a scientific blend of bactericides and skin conditioners. It is a water free, non-rinse formula that contains mild skin conditioners to allow for frequent use without drying or damaging skin. This is also safe to use on all hard surfaces in a huge number of industries.

15 reviews for 70% Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser – Steri Gel – Bulk

  1. aptcommercialchemicals

    Can always rely on great products from APT. Their hand sanitiser gel is brilliant and leaves a fresh scent, without horrible residue!

  2. aptcommercialchemicals

    APT are a trusted name in hand sanitiser gel. I liked that their products were made in the UK after hearing some horror stories. Our nursing team felt safe knowing that germs, bacteria and covid was kept at bay through using APT’s products. Luckily for me there were no complaints of sticky hands and awful smells!

  3. aptcommercialchemicals

    Great hand sanitiser gel and fast delivery. Just wish I’d ordered more!

  4. aptcommercialchemicals

    APT really go out of their way to support their customers. Our Church reopened during covid-19 and we used APT’s hand sanitiser gels, fogging machines and hand sanitising wipes to keep our members safe. Our services went through and luckily no one became ill. Thanks to APT for their support during these testing times.

  5. aptcommercialchemicals

    APT have saved the day again supplying us with this hand sanitiser gel at such short notice. With everything up in the area during covid, we didn’t know when we could reopen the school. We were so glad that APT managed to put a few orders for us together of this hand sanitiser. Brilliant product would buy again!

  6. Guest

    We purchased Steri Gel so we could decant and use them in all departments of our offices from financial to marketing. Let me tell you now Steri Gel is the best hand sanitising product that I could wish for. With such competitive pricing APT excel themselves every time and that is why I am proud to be their customer

  7. Guest

    Steri Gel does the job and does not leave your hands with a sticky residue. In my gym we promote sanitising your hands before and after use of our equipment this helps us to prevent bacteria and germs being carried around the gym. Since discovering APT I will never go to another company.

  8. Guest

    With the recent pandemic that is still not over I have found APT a god send. They have provided my business with the most cost effective product and Steri Gel happens to be one of them,. They have helped my company so much and have kept us all safe

  9. Guest

    I have received several products from APT and I have never been disappointed. They offer quick delivery and quality products for such a low cost and effective price. Steri Gel is by far one of my favourite products mainly because of how soft it leaves our hands and how easy it is to apply.

  10. Guest

    My company purchased Steri Gel a few months ago and let me tell you these last for ages and they leave your hands feeling moisturised just after one use. No more dry skin from using a bad hand sanitiser. Steri Gel from APT has been the best purchase my company has made so far this year. We will be buying again 100%

  11. Guest

    Although Steri Gel does not appear to be a medical hand sanitiser it does and exceptional job or cleaning the grime and dirty off your hands without leaving your hands feeling dry or leaving a sticky residue. Try APT. I could not recommend enough.

  12. Guest

    I have been looking for a hand sanitiser that works well for a cost effective price. That was when I found APT. Steri Gel leaves your hands feeling and looking fresh. You will nmot be having any germs or bacteria on your hands after using Steri San. It is an exceptional product and is priced extremely well.

  13. Guest

    This hand sanitisers extremely pleasant to use and I would definitely recommend this to anyone. APT are an excellent company that sells second to none products for a fraction of the price of other companies.

  14. Guest

    We purchased Steri Gel all the way back in 2019 and let me tell you this stuff is like magic. I couldn’t see myself using another hand santitising product. APT offer exceptional customer service and are always willing to help. Always will be shopping with APT

  15. Guest

    We bought Steri Gel from APT at the start of the pandemic and have been using it ever since. Our staff and clients always mention how fast it dries and the it doesn’t leave any sticky residues like most others. Having used loads of it, I can confidently vouch that the products are non-drying on the hands and keep them moisturised. APT are a great supplier that always stick to their word and delivery times.

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