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APT’s Industrial Metal Cleaner & Degreaser, Opticlear is the go-to choice for heavy duty metal cleaning, degreasing & decarbonising. Used in industrial & engineering settings to clean and degrease hard surfaces. Our clients include; Honeywell, Renold, WEPA, Liberty Steel & many more.

  • Used to remove oxidation, ingrained dirt, grime, oil & grease
  • Eco-friendly & biodegradable formula
  • Low foaming, non-tainting and odourless
  • Made in UK


Sizes: 2 x 5 litres | 4 x 5 litres | 1 x 25 litres

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1 x 25 litres (25 litres), 2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres)

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1 x 25 litres (25 litres), 2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres)


The Ultimate Industrial Metal Cleaner & Degreaser: Opticlear

When it comes to heavy-duty metal cleaning, degreasing, and decarbonizing in industrial and engineering settings, APT’s Opticlear stands as the go-to choice. This remarkable metal cleaner and degreaser is specifically designed to tackle the toughest challenges, making it an indispensable solution for various industries. Renowned companies such as Honeywell, Renold, WEPA, Liberty Steel & many more, rely on Opticlear for their metal cleaning needs.

Powerful Cleaning Performance

Opticlear’s advanced formula ensures the complete removal of ingrained dirt, grime, oil, and grease from metal surfaces. Its powerful cleaning agents penetrate deep into the pores of the metal, lifting and dissolving even the most stubborn contaminants. With Opticlear, you can achieve a pristine and professional finish on your metal surfaces, enhancing both their appearance and functionality.

Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable

At APT, we are committed to environmental sustainability. That’s why Opticlear features an eco-friendly and biodegradable formula. It is carefully formulated to minimize its impact on the environment without compromising its exceptional cleaning power. With Opticlear, you can effectively clean and degrease metal surfaces while being conscious of your ecological footprint.

Low Foaming, Non-Tainting, and Odorless

Opticlear stands out for its low foaming nature, making it easy to use and ensuring efficient cleaning. Its non-tainting and odorless properties make it safe to use on a wide range of metal surfaces, even those that come into contact with food or sensitive materials. You can trust Opticlear to provide a thorough clean without leaving behind any unwanted residues or odors.

Made in the UK for Quality Assurance

At APT, we take pride in manufacturing all our products in the UK, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance. Opticlear is meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art production techniques and the finest ingredients. By choosing Opticlear, you are investing in a product that delivers outstanding results while supporting local manufacturing and quality assurance.


Opticlear finds its application in a wide range of industrial and engineering settings, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for metal cleaning.

  • Industrial Settings: Opticlear is widely used in industrial settings to clean and degrease hard metal surfaces. It effectively removes ingrained dirt, grime, oil, and grease from machinery, equipment, tools, and other metal components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  • Engineering Industry: In the engineering industry, Opticlear proves its efficacy in tackling the most challenging cleaning tasks. Whether it’s removing stubborn carbon deposits, eliminating grease and oil residues, or restoring metal surfaces to their original shine, Opticlear delivers exceptional results.
  • Manufacturing Plants: Opticlear is trusted by manufacturing plants for its ability to clean and degrease metal surfaces effectively. From production lines to assembly areas, Opticlear ensures that metal components are thoroughly cleaned, promoting efficiency and maintaining high-quality standards.
  • Commercial Applications: Opticlear extends its benefits to various commercial settings where metal surfaces require regular cleaning and maintenance. It is ideal for use in automotive workshops, fabrication shops, metalworking facilities, and more.

Choose Opticlear for Unmatched Metal Cleaning and Degreasing

When it comes to heavy-duty metal cleaning, degreasing, and decarbonizing, Opticlear stands as the ultimate solution. Its powerful cleaning performance, eco-friendly formulation, low foaming nature, and non-tainting properties make it the top choice for industries and businesses worldwide. Trust in the reliability and effectiveness of Opticlear to achieve exceptional results and maintain the integrity of your metal surfaces.

20 reviews for Industrial Metal Cleaner & Degreaser – Opticlear

  1. riasmith123

    Opticlear instills confidence in our cleaning processes.

  2. riasmith123

    In our automotive garage, where grease is an inevitable challenge, this metal cleaner stands tall. It not only removes grease effectively but does so without leaving any unwanted residues.

  3. riasmith123

    In our electronics manufacturing plant, where precision is key, this metal cleaner ensures that our equipment remains spotless. Its non-tainting formula is a lifesaver for delicate components

  4. riasmith123

    Its quick action in removing oil and grease streamlines our processes, allowing us to focus on what we do best—keeping the wheels of industry turning smoothly.

  5. riasmith123

    Opticlear has mastered the art of tackling ingrained dirt. In our woodworking shop, where surfaces accumulate stubborn grime, this metal cleaner has proven to be a reliable ally. Its biodegradable formula aligns with our commitment to sustainable practices in the woodworking industry.

  6. riasmith123

    Opticlear’s origin in the UK speaks volumes about its quality. As an international distributor, we value products that adhere to high standards. Opticlear not only meets but exceeds our expectations. Its effectiveness in removing oxidation and grease makes it a trusted choice for our clients across the globe.

  7. riasmith123

    Opticlear silently works wonders in our manufacturing unit. Its low foaming property ensures that it doesn’t disrupt our workflow with excessive bubbles, and the fact that it’s odorless makes it a favorite among our staff. APT’s metal cleaner is undoubtedly an unsung hero in our daily operations.

  8. riasmith123

    As a startup in the engineering sector, Opticlear has been our clean start. Its impeccable cleaning and degreasing capabilities have allowed us to focus on innovation, knowing that our equipment is in top-notch condition. The fact that it’s used by industry giants like Honeywell gives us confidence in its effectiveness.

  9. riasmith123

    Opticlear has become a staple in our metal fabrication workshop. The satisfaction of seeing surfaces free from oxidation and grime is unparalleled. Its non-tainting and odorless features make it a pleasure to work with, contributing to a safer and more pleasant working environment.

  10. riasmith123

    Opticlear is not just a metal cleaner; it’s a statement of care for the environment. Its eco-friendly and biodegradable nature resonates with our commitment to sustainability in the textile industry. It effectively removes ingrained dirt, ensuring our machinery runs smoothly without leaving a negative impact on the planet.

  11. riasmith123

    When it comes to heavy-duty cleaning in the industrial sector, confidence in the product is paramount. Opticlear from APT has earned our trust at every step. Its reliability in removing oil and grease is unmatched, making it an essential component in our maintenance routine at the manufacturing plant.

  12. riasmith123

    Opticlear by APT exceeded my expectations in the automotive repair business. Its ability to remove oxidation is impressive, restoring metal surfaces to their original shine. The fact that it’s made in the UK adds to its appeal, aligning with our preference for quality products.

  13. riasmith123

    APT’s Opticlear brings a touch of elegance to industrial cleaning. Its low foaming formula is a relief in environments where excess foam could be problematic. As a metal cleaner, it strikes the perfect balance between strength and subtlety, making it an ideal choice for maintaining the impeccable standards at our aerospace manufacturing plant.

  14. riasmith123

    Its ability to remove ingrained dirt and grime is unmatched. The fact that it’s odorless is a bonus, ensuring our clients’ facilities are not only clean but also pleasant to be in.

  15. riasmith123

    In the precision engineering industry, Opticlear from APT is our secret weapon. It not only cleans but does so with surgical precision. The non-tainting feature ensures the integrity of our finely tuned instruments, making it an indispensable part of our daily routine at the workshop.

  16. riasmith123

    Opticlear is a testament to APT’s commitment to the environment. Its eco-friendly and biodegradable formula makes it the responsible choice for metal cleaning. As a part of our sustainability initiative at a manufacturing plant, we rely on Opticlear to remove oil and dirt, contributing to a cleaner planet without compromising on industrial performance.

  17. riasmith123

    APT’s metal cleaner, Opticlear, is a versatile powerhouse. Whether we’re dealing with grime at Honeywell or ingrained dirt at WEPA, this product consistently delivers exceptional results. Its non-tainting formula ensures the purity of our products in the pharmaceutical setting, making it an indispensable tool in our daily operations.

  18. riasmith123

    Opticlear by APT has become our go-to metal cleaner in the engineering field. It tackles tough jobs, from decarbonizing machinery at Liberty Steel to degreasing intricate components at Renold. Its low foaming and odorless nature make it a pleasure to work with, ensuring a clean, safe, and efficient industrial environment.

  19. riasmith123

    APT’s Industrial Metal Cleaner & Degreaser, Opticlear, is truly a game-changer in heavy-duty metal cleaning. As a mechanic, I’ve used various products, but this one stands out. It effortlessly removes oxidation and grease, leaving surfaces immaculate. The eco-friendly formula aligns with our commitment to sustainability, making it a preferred choice at our automotive repair shop.

  20. Guest

    brilliant product, used time and time again.

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