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APT’s UltraMax MET is a highly concentrated Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner solution specifically designed for cleaning metals, including aluminium parts, and effectively removes unwanted carbon residues and hard carbonised deposits from all types of metals. including stainless steel.

  • Non-caustic & heavy-duty decarboniser suitable for manual dip tank cleaning and use in all ultrasonic cleaning tanks
  • Widely used in the aerospace, medical, munitions, transport, servicing, and re-manufacturing sectors
  • The low foam formulation with added corrosion inhibitors allows for heated or cold use, providing flexibility in cleaning operations
  • Made in the UK, ensuring high-quality standards & performance
  • Dilution ratio: 5L bottle + water = 1,000L 

£0.03 per litre when diluted

Sizes: 205 litres


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UltraMax MET: The Ultimate Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner for Aluminium and Metal

Versatile Cleaning Solution for Aluminium and Metals

UltraMax MET is a highly concentrated industrial ultrasonic cleaner, degreaser, and decarboniser specifically formulated for the cleaning and maintenance of aluminium and metal surfaces in various industries, including engineering and food processing.

Efficient Removal of Carbonised Contamination

With its powerful cleaning properties, UltraMax MET effectively eliminates carbonised residues, including oils, greases, food debris, ink, and metalworking residues. It provides thorough degreasing and decarbonising of carburettors, machine parts, and even certain plastics.

Specialised Aluminium Cleaning

UltraMax MET’s unique formula is designed to tackle the specific challenges of aluminium cleaning. It not only removes surface build-up and grease but also safeguards the integrity of the metal with built-in corrosion inhibitors.

Wide Range of Applications

This industrial ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for use in manual dip tanks, parts cleaner degreasers, automatic parts washers, and ultrasonic cleaning systems. It finds extensive applications in industries such as aerospace, medical, munitions, transport, servicing, and re-manufacturing.

Cost-Effective and Convenient

UltraMax MET offers exceptional value for money with its high concentration. Just a small amount of the solution, when diluted with water, can provide a large volume of cleaning fluid, resulting in cost savings. With a dilution ratio of 5L bottle + water = 1,000L of UltraMax MET, you can efficiently clean a substantial number of components.

Quality Made in the UK

Manufactured in the UK, UltraMax MET adheres to stringent quality standards. Its non-caustic formulation and low foam properties ensure effective and safe cleaning operations. Additionally, the corrosion inhibitors in the formula protect metals, preserving their longevity.

Choose UltraMax MET for Reliable Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning

When it comes to aluminium and metal cleaning, trust UltraMax MET as the ultimate industrial ultrasonic cleaner. Its versatile application, superior cleaning power, and cost-effectiveness make it the ideal choice for maintaining the cleanliness and performance of your components.



  • Highly concentrated decarboniser with built-in corrosion inhibitors, providing immediate protection to metals upon removal from the bath.
  • Low foam formula to maintain the efficiency of cleaning equipment.
  • Fast-acting ingredients for efficient and thorough cleaning.
  • Suitable for use in both hot and cold applications.

How to Use?


  1. Always conduct a sample test to ensure compatibility with the substrate.
  2. Place items in the ultrasonic bath filled with UltraMax MET solution.
  3. Set the bath to operate for 2-to-8-minute cycles.
  4. Heating is typically not necessary, but it can be applied if required, up to temperatures of 30°C.

Spray Washer Parts Cleaner

  1. Place items in the parts cleaner.
  2. Set the cleaner to work for 2-to-8-minute cycles.

Choosing the Right Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

APT offers a comprehensive range of industrial ultrasonic cleaners and aluminium cleaners suitable for various applications and ultrasonic baths. Contact us for assistance in selecting the best ultrasonic cleaning solution for your specific cleaning and degreasing operations.

Dilution Rates

  • Dilute the product up to 50 parts water, depending on the level of soiling.
  • For light-duty cleaning such as damp mopping, dilute up to 100 parts water.
  • For hot and cold pressure washing, dilute up to 200 parts water.
  • Always wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection when handling the solution.


What cleans aluminium?

There are several DIY and home cleaning solutions that people tend to use to clean aluminium. However, as a specialist cleaning chemical supplier with over 30 years industry experience, we wouldn’t recommend using them. when it comes to cleaning, processes are much more complicated than mixing a few ingredients and can be very dangerous and harmful, to the aluminium, and the individuals using it.

UltraMax MET is a highly concentrated, industrial ultrasonic cleaning fluid that is used specifically for cleaning metals and aluminium parts, removing unwanted carbon residues and hard carbonised deposits from all metals. A non-caustic, heavy duty decarbonised for manual dip tank cleaning and its specially designed for use in ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

What is a good spray on cleaner for aluminium?

Aluminium cleaners can often come in either spray or liquid form. APT’s UltraMax MET is our versatile, non-caustic, alkaline metal cleaner, degreaser and decarboniser. This aluminium cleaner has been specifically designed for cleaning aluminium and to degrease and emulsify surface build up for all industries (including, engineering and food industries). The liquid cleaning and decarboniser is widely used where soil loading is high and where a manual dip soak tank degreasing, parts cleaner degreaser or automatic parts washer and ultrasonic cleaning systems are available. With this top quality powerful ultrasonic cleaner solution in your cleaning system, spray cabinet or parts washer you will be able to quickly and effectively clean, degrease and de-carbonise carburettors, machine parts and many plastics too.

Why can aluminium be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner?

We recommend that when it comes to cleaning aluminium, that the most effective and least labour-intensive way of cleaning is to use an ultrasonic cleaner. APT’s UltraMax MET has been specially developed to be used as a dilutable cleaning fluid in an ultrasonic cleaning bath. This product will loosen and remove all heavy soiling, including, oil and grease residues, food stuff and fatty residues, inks and dyes, light wax, flux, and metal working residues found in manufacturing processes, involving drilling, grinding, polishing, and lapping.

Its highly concentrated nature means that you only need a little to go a long way. Dilute UltraMax MET up to 50 parts water (dependent on the degree of soiling) and leave components in the ultrasonic cleaning bath to work between 2-to-8-minute cycles.

How to remove calcium carbonate residue?

Calcium carbonate residue is one of the most challenging residues to remove from metals, especially aluminium. However, aluminium cleaning requires products that are tried and tested to work repeatedly. UltraMax MET is a highly concentrated decarboniser with built in corrosion inhibitors so that metals are protected as soon as they leave the ultrasonic cleaning bath. The low foam formula helps to maintain the efficiency of your cleaning equipment, whilst the fast-acting ingredients work to efficiently clean metals thoroughly.

UltraMax MET is a fantastic product to remove calcium carbonate residue from metals, when being used alone or within an ultrasonic cleaning bath.

What cleans metal?

When it comes to cleaning metal, APT manufacture, and supply several stand-alone products as well as ultrasonic cleaning fluids. It’s important to use specially formulated chemicals to clean and degrease metals to ensure that the metal remains safe, usable and do not seize once they have been cleaned. All our products have been tried and tested in laboratories and our customers cannot recommend them enough. Find below a list of our metal cleaning solutions.
Citrus Based Cleaner – UltraMax CTRUCleaning Fluid – UltraMax MEDCleaner Degreaser – UltraMax SODHighly Concentrated Cleaner, Descaler & Degreaser – UltraMax PHSIndustrial Degreaser / Ultrasonic Bath Degreaser – UltraMax OPTSolvent Cleaner – UltraMax KSOLUltrasonic Cleaning Solution – UltraMax MET
For more information on our products or to find out which one would be most suitable for the tasks at hand, reach out to our expert team.

18 reviews for Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution – UltraMax MET – Bulk

  1. riasmith123

    Ultramax MED redefines versatility in the cleaning world. As a workshop owner, I need a solution that can adapt to various cleaning needs. This ultrasonic cleaner fluid, with its low foam formulation, does just that. It’s a go-to for both heated and cold applications, making it a versatile choice for any industrial setting.

  2. riasmith123

    Ultramax MED exceeds expectations in the remanufacturing sector. As someone dealing with intricate components, I need a cleaning solution that’s up to the task. This ultrasonic cleaner fluid not only removes carbon residues but also provides added corrosion protection. APT has truly crafted a solution that meets the demands of precision work.

  3. riasmith123

    Ultramax MED is a gem in APT’s UK-made lineup. Used across sectors like medical and transport, it stands out as a reliable solution for ultrasonic cleaning. The heavy-duty decarboniser capabilities make it indispensable for removing hard carbonised deposits, and the added corrosion inhibitors make it a choice I can trust for the long run.

  4. riasmith123

    As a dental technician, precision cleaning is non-negotiable. Ultramax MED is my trusted companion in the workshop. This ultrasonic cleaner fluid, designed for use in all ultrasonic cleaning tanks, ensures a meticulous clean for delicate dental instruments. The added corrosion inhibitors provide an extra layer of protection for my valuable tools.

  5. riasmith123

    Ultramax MED is the art of non-caustic cleaning perfected. In my art restoration studio, I can’t afford to compromise on quality. This ultrasonic cleaner fluid removes carbon residues from metals without harming the delicate surfaces. The 5L bottle’s dilution ratio makes it a cost-effective solution for preserving artistic treasures.

  6. riasmith123

    Ultramax MED is industrial-grade excellence in a bottle. Used extensively in the aerospace sector, this ultrasonic cleaner fluid has become my go-to for heavy-duty decarbonising. It removes unwanted carbon residues with ease, and the low foam formulation makes it a versatile and reliable solution for all metals.

  7. riasmith123

    APT’s Ultramax MED is a masterpiece for metals. Used in medical facilities, it’s a testament to its precision cleaning capabilities. The low foam formulation ensures a residue-free finish, making it ideal for delicate instruments. The 5L bottle’s incredible dilution ratio makes it a budget-friendly powerhouse.

  8. riasmith123

    Ultramax MED goes beyond making stainless steel shine – it restores metals to their prime. As a restorer of vintage cars, this ultrasonic cleaner fluid is my secret weapon. It tackles carbonised deposits on all metals effortlessly, leaving them looking like they just rolled off the assembly line.

  9. riasmith123

    The fact that Ultramax MED is made in the UK speaks volumes about its quality. Used in transport and remanufacturing, this ultrasonic cleaner fluid is a global favorite. It’s non-caustic, yet heavy-duty, making it my top choice for cleaning metals and removing carbon residues.

  10. riasmith123

    Ultramax MED is carbon’s worst nightmare – and I love it! As a mechanic, I need a solution that can handle hard carbonised deposits on all metals. This ultrasonic cleaner fluid not only meets but exceeds expectations. The 5L bottle’s dilution ratio is a cost-effective bonus.

  11. riasmith123

    Ultramax MED offers the flexibility I need in my workshop. Whether heated or cold, this ultrasonic cleaner fluid delivers exceptional results. Used extensively in servicing and remanufacturing, it’s a versatile choice for tackling carbonised deposits on metals. The added corrosion inhibitors are a thoughtful touch.

  12. riasmith123

    Ultramax MED is tailor-made for tough cleaning tasks. Used in the munitions sector, it’s a heavy-duty performer. The flexibility to use it heated or cold, along with the added corrosion inhibitors, ensures a thorough clean without compromising on safety. APT has truly crafted a gem for decarbonising.

  13. riasmith123

    Inspired by its use in aerospace, I introduced Ultramax MED to my home workshop, and the results are outstanding. This ultrasonic cleaner fluid is a heavy-duty decarboniser, tackling unwanted residues on all types of metals. The 5L bottle’s dilution ratio makes it an economical powerhouse.

  14. riasmith123

    Ultramax MED is the epitome of precision cleaning. As a jeweler, I need a solution that delicately cleans metals. This ultrasonic cleaner fluid not only does that but also removes hard carbonised deposits, ensuring my pieces sparkle like new. The UK-made quality is evident in its performance.

  15. riasmith123

    APT’s Ultrasonic Cleaner Fluid is a game-changer in the cleaning world. Used in medical facilities, it goes beyond expectations. The non-caustic, heavy-duty formula ensures a thorough clean, and the low foam formulation with added corrosion inhibitors makes it my top choice for maintaining equipment in peak condition.

  16. Guest

    Amazing product and lasts ages.

  17. Guest

    This cleaner made sure everything looked spotless. highly recommend!

  18. Anonymous

    This product works wonders. When using we found It effortlessly removed tough contaminants from various parts and components. Even the most intricate and hard-to-reach areas are left spotless. Highly recommend!!

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