Isopropyl Alcohol Spray – Steri Tec Sanitising Spray

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APT’s Steri Tec is a professional-grade Isopropyl Alcohol Spray. This potent antibacterial and viricidal solution eliminates 99.9% of all harmful organisms, bacteria & viruses within just 30 seconds.


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12 x 400ml

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12 x 400ml


APT’s Isopropyl Alcohol Spray – Steri Tec: Powerful Disinfection for Various Environments

Steri Tec stands out as a highly effective isopropyl alcohol spray cleaner that excels in providing superior disinfection. With its powerful antibacterial and viricidal properties, it quickly eliminates harmful organisms, bacteria, and viruses. Tested and certified to meet British Standards EN13697, Steri Tec is a reliable solution for a multitude of environments where thorough disinfection is crucial.

Key Features and Advantages of Steri Tec Isopropyl Alcohol Spray

  • Steri Tec contains a 70% alcohol base, ensuring high efficacy in killing bacteria and viruses on surfaces.
  • Tested to meet the stringent requirements of British Standards EN13697, Steri Tec guarantees reliable disinfection results.
  • The convenient spray bottle design allows for effortless application, making it quick and simple to disinfect various surfaces.
  • Steri Tec’s formula promotes fast drying, minimising downtime and allowing for swift use of treated areas.
  • Versatile in its application, Steri Tec can be used on both hard surfaces like handrails, tables, and telephony equipment, as well as soft surfaces such as curtains and upholstery.

Diverse Applications of Steri Tec Isopropyl Alcohol Spray

  • Medical Environments: Steri Tec serves as an essential disinfectant spray in medical settings, including hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dentists, ambulances, and clean room environments. It ensures thorough sanitisation of hospital beds, trolleys, door handles, and medical equipment, contributing to a safer healthcare environment.
  • Transportation Industry: The transport industry extensively utilizes Steri Tec as an antibacterial spray to safeguard mobile front-line workers. Its effectiveness in disinfecting hard surfaces like vehicle cabins, handles, steering wheels, and gear sticks makes it indispensable for maintaining cleanliness and reducing the spread of bacteria.
  • Commercial and Industrial Spaces: Steri Tec finds its place in factories, warehouses, offices, gymnasiums, and retail outlets, providing a hassle-free method of sanitisation. From handrails to tables, chairs, and equipment, this alcohol spray disinfectant ensures rapid and efficient elimination of bacteria in various settings.


A Versatile Solution for Fast and Effective Bacterial Elimination

Steri Tec’s isopropyl alcohol spray is a versatile solution suitable for diverse environments that require quick and effective bacterial elimination. Its convenience, portability, and proven efficacy make it a go-to choice for professionals across different industries and sectors. By using Steri Tec, organisations can prioritize cleanliness, maintain a healthier environment, and promote safety for employees, customers, and patients alike.

Steri Tec is regularly purchased by companies like: Glebe Healthcare, Modern Milkman, University of Leeds & many more.



  • Kills 99.99% bacteria in 30 seconds
  • 70% alcohol base
  • Certified to British Standards – EN13697
  • Portable, quick and easy to use
  • Fast drying
  • Used on hard and soft surface

How to use?

Spray from 15cm, leave to dry or wipe any off after 30 seconds. For full 99.99% sanitation and disinfection leave on the surface for 2 minutes. We recommend that you do not spray and wipe immediately.

Safety, Storage & Handling

For electrical items, firstly spray onto a cloth first and then wipe. Do not spray directly into open source live electrical equipment or vents.

Always test on an inconspicuous area before use. Do not use on skin or hair. Use in well ventilated areas.

Steri Tec comes in a 400ml aerosol container which is portable and easy to store.


What is alcohol spray?

To put it simply, alcohol spray contains alcohol to clean and disinfect surfaces. When purchasing alcohol spray, it is worth ensuring that the alcohol base content is 70%, which is the WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendation to ensure that bacteria, viruses, and germs are eradicated, and making sure people can use the product safely. APT’s Alcohol Spray, Steri Tec is a professional grade, powerful, anti-bacterial and viricidal alcohol spray, containing a 70% alcohol base. Certified to European Standards BS EN12697, it is manufactured in the UK and multipurpose to be sprayed and left on the surface to dry or alternatively wiped off with paper towel.

Where can I buy alcohol spray?

APT sell one of the most trusted, powerful 70% alcohol base spray available on the market. Steri Tec alcohol spray kills 99.999% of bacteria, germs, and viruses quickly. Steri Tec is used in all organisations on hard and soft surfaces.Steri Tec alcohol spray has a base of 70% alcohol and has been manufactured under ISO9001:2015.

One of the benefits of Steri Tec as a disinfectant spray UK is that it can be used as a medical disinfectant to sanitise hospital beds, trolleys, door handles and equipment. It is used in doctors’ surgeries, dentists, ambulances and in clean room environments.

How to make hand sanitiser spray with 70 percent alcohol?

When it comes to creating at home, DIY cleaning chemicals, we always recommend against it. The main reason behind this is that mixing chemicals leads to chemical reactions chemical reactions. Unexpected chemical reactions, in unsafe environments could mean that people are harmed, and surfaces are damaged. Chemical manufacture should be carried out in safe and sanitary environments, by professional individuals and with scientifically proven chemicals and instructions.

APT have been producing 70% alcohol base sanitising spray for over 30 years and have partnered with a professional, well-established laboratory to do so. Steri Tec 70% alcohol spray has been proven to kill 99.999% of all bacteria, viruses, and germs.

How to use alcohol spray?

Using Steri Tec is fast, easy, and cost effective. When using alcohol spray, we recommend spraying from 15cm, leaving to dry or wipe off after 30 seconds. For 99.999% sanitisation and disinfection, leave on the surface for 2 minutes before wiping off. We do not recommend that you spray on and wipe off immediately for full sanitisation. Steri Tec can be used on all hard and soft surfaces, including handrails, tables, chairs, telephony and trolleys, BA equipment and curtains. As well as the above factories, warehouses, offices, gymnasiums and retail outlets all use the alcohol spray disinfectant, it is a no fuss method, in fact it is beneficial to use it anywhere where you need to sanitise to kill bacteria fast.

Where to buy alcohol spray?

APT manufacture and supply specialist cleaning chemicals, including a 70% alcohol base sanitising spray called Steri Tec. Steri Tec is certified to European Standard, British Standards EN13697 and has been proven to kill 99.999% of all bacteria, germs, and viruses. Steri Tec comes in a 400ml aerosol container which is portable and easy to store. It is a no fuss method; in fact it is beneficial to use it anywhere where you need to sanitise to kill bacteria fast.

For more information on the alcohol spray product (Steri Tec) that we provide, please feel free to order through our website or contact our expert infection control team.

21 reviews for Isopropyl Alcohol Spray – Steri Tec Sanitising Spray

  1. riasmith123

    The 70% isopropyl alcohol base gives me confidence in its effectiveness, and its quick evaporation is perfect for my fast-paced office environment.

  2. riasmith123

    This isopropyl alcohol spray from APT is a no-brainer. The fast-drying formula is a game-changer for quick disinfection. I use it on everything from my phone to my kitchen countertops. It’s a reliable and efficient solution.

  3. riasmith123

    APT’s Steri Tec isopropyl alcohol spray is a lifesaver! Its quick evaporation is perfect for my in-home studio setup, ensuring I can maintain a clean and safe environment for my clients.

  4. riasmith123

    Ria’s guidance on using Steri Tec for electronic devices was spot-on. The fast-drying formula ensures I can sanitize my gadgets without worrying about damage. This isopropyl alcohol spray has become a must-have

  5. riasmith123

    Using Steri Tec isopropyl alcohol spray is a breeze. I appreciate its fast-drying nature, which is crucial for my busy schedule.

  6. riasmith123

    APT’s Steri Tec is my secret weapon against germs! The 70% isopropyl alcohol base and quick evaporation make it my top choice for maintaining a clean and safe environment. It’s definitely a product worth investing in.

  7. riasmith123

    Cath’s expertise in explaining the benefits of Steri Tec in the food industry was impressive. The 30-second germ elimination is a game-changer.

  8. riasmith123

    This isopropyl alcohol spray from APT is a real powerhouse. I appreciate the UK manufacturing, ensuring quality. It’s become a staple in my cleaning routine, and its fast-drying formula makes it super convenient.

  9. riasmith123

    APT’s Steri Tec is my go-to for a quick and efficient disinfection solution.

  10. riasmith123

    Ria’s assistance was invaluable when I wanted to understand how Steri Tec works on different surfaces.

  11. riasmith123

    This isopropyl alcohol spray by APT is a time-saver! I’m always on the move, and its fast-drying nature ensures I can quickly sanitize my surroundings. The 70% isopropyl alcohol base provides peace of mind, knowing it’s killing germs effectively.

  12. riasmith123

    Cath & Ria’s support was instrumental when I needed advice on using Steri Tec in my clinic. Their knowledge about the product’s certification to British Standards gave me the confidence to recommend it to my patients for a quick and reliable disinfection solution.

  13. riasmith123

    APT’s Steri Tec isopropyl alcohol spray is like magic! It dries so fast; you barely notice it’s there. I use it on my gadgets, doorknobs, and even my car steering wheel. A little goes a long way, making it both effective and economical.

  14. riasmith123

    Cath’s assistance from customer support was outstanding. She provided detailed information about Steri Tec’s efficacy, giving me peace of mind.

  15. riasmith123

    As a static crew member, having APT’s Steri Tec isopropyl alcohol spray is a game-changer. It’s become an essential part of our routine for quick and effective disinfection, especially in high-traffic areas

  16. riasmith123

    Cath & Ria from customer support were incredibly helpful when I had questions about using Steri Tec at home. Their guidance on the product’s versatility made me confident in using it on various surfaces, ensuring a germ-free environment for my family.

  17. riasmith123

    This isopropyl alcohol spray from APT is a must-have. I use it to disinfect high-touch surfaces at home, and its quick evaporation saves me time. The 70% isopropyl alcohol base gives me confidence that it’s effectively killing harmful organisms.

  18. riasmith123

    APT’s Steri Tec isopropyl alcohol spray is a game-changer! As a front-line worker, I rely on its fast-drying formula to keep my equipment sanitized on the go. It’s reassuring to know that it’s certified to British Standards.

  19. Guest

    Highly recommend APT’s products and customer service, we have been using them for years.

  20. Guest

    Received package quickly. This is an amazing product. The price was right, and I would not hesitate to buy from this seller again. Grease away does exactly what it says with no effort at all. Tried other products but can honestly say they are not as good.

  21. Guest

    We have been using Steri Tec in the hospital since the start of the pandemic. Our staff and patients feel safe in the environment since it is made up of 70% alcohol and also kills all bacteria and organisms really quickly. APT have supported us throughout the pandemic and we couldn’t be more grateful! We also use their fogging machine and find it fantastic.

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